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House Cocktails

Entropy Vodka Cocktails 

Rose Mule $9

Entropy Vodka, lime juice, grapefruit juice, house ginger beer.

3 Hail Marys $8

Entropy Vodka, housemade Bloody Mary mix.

Ask for it GRAND if you dare.

Happy Ending $8

Entropy Vodka, housemade Asian Bloody Mary mix.

Ask for it GRAND if you dare.

3RB Cosmo $9

Entropy Vodka, Triple-sec, you choose the fruit.

Bootleggin’ Rhubarb  $8

Entropy Vodka, rhubarb simple syrup, fresh basil, bruleed rhubarb. 

The Volstead Act $9

Entropy Vodka, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, house cranberry juice, soda water.


Blackstrap White & Spiced Rum Cocktails

The High Flyer $8

Blackstrap Spiced Rum, house made cranberry juice, Red Apple Flyer Cider.

Dark & Stormy $8

Blackstrap Spiced Rum, fresh lime juice, house made ginger beer.

Perfect Storm  $9

Blackstrap Spiced Rum, fresh lime juice, egg white, ginger simple syrup, house made ginger beer, house bitters.

3RB Mojito $8

Blackstrap White Rum, fresh mint, simple syrup, soda water. (add fruit if you would like)

Hemingway Daiquiri $9

Blackstrap White Rum, simple syrup fresh lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, cherry juice.

Fox Hole Whisky Cocktails

The FDR $8

Fox Hole Whisky, Triple-sec, agave nectar, fresh lime juice.

Dirty Foxhole $9

Fox Hole Whisky, ginger simple syrup, Red Apple Flyer Cider.

Caught Red Handed $8

Fox Hole Whisky, fresh raspberries, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, thyme.

The Prohibition  $9

Fox Hole Whisky, fresh blackberries, orange slice, walnut-vanilla simple syrup, house bitters.

The Foxy Foxy $8

Fox Hole Whisky, lavender-vanilla simple syrup, fresh lime juice, house ginger beer.


Gladys Gin Cocktails

Apparition  $9

Gladys Gin, ginger simple syrup, fresh lemon juice.

Gladys Knight & the Pims $9

Gladys Gin, cherries, fresh orange juice, house bitters.

The Snoop $7

Gladys Gin, fresh orange juice, fresh grapefruit juice.

Booze Hound $9

Gladys Gin, grapefruit simple syrup, fresh mint, IPA

Gin Blossom $8

Gladys Gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, house ginger beer.

Wicked Pissahrissa $8

Gladys Gin, honey simple syrup, fresh lemon juice


Wine List 

All of the wines we offer are 90 point or higher wines

Llama Malbec Old Vines


Dark cherry-red, with violet hues. Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries and plums with a hint of fine toasted oak.

14% A.B.V

$11/glass  $44/bottle


Alberti 154  Malbec


Dark red, zesty fresh fruit aroma with soft tannins.

14.1% A.B.V

$12/glass  $48/bottle


Light Horse Pinot Noir


Bright Red, mixed fruit flavors of plum and black cherries and subtle hints of vanilla and oak.

13.9% A.B.V

$13/glass  $52/bottle

Don Rodolfo Cabernet Sauvignon


Deep Garnet, rich and full, spicy aromas mixed with dark fruit, cocoa and toasted cedar.

13.1% A.B.V

$8/glass  $32/bottle


Sean Minor Central Coast Chardonnay


Golden straw, aromas of apricot, green apple, honeydew. Flavor has notes of butter green apple and pear on the finish.

13.5% A.B.V

$9/glass  $36/bottle


La Playa Chardonnay


Rich Gold Hay, aromas and flavors of peach, apricot and crisp green apple.

13% A.B.V

$7/glass    $28/bottle

Kiona Vineyards Riesling


Golden straw, highlights of mint, spun sugar and orange peel. Semi-sweet.

12.3% A.B.V

$8/glass   $32/bottle

 Beer Geek Bottle List

 Cuvee De Jacobins Rouge

Flemish sour ale

5.5%    12oz.


Kriek De Jacobins

Flanders red ale blended with fresh cherries juice

4.5% 12oz $9


Clown Shoes Billionaire

English barleywine aged in Cognac barrels

12%    22oz



Kasteel Barista

Belgian Quad with chocolate

4.5%  12oz



Prairie Bomb

Imperial stout w/ coffee, choco- late, vanilla bean and chilies

13%  12oz


Cascade Elderberry 2015

Sour red ale aged with elderberries

7%    750ML



Imperial Biscotti Break

Imperial Stout with coffee, almond and vanilla.

11.5%      16oz


and coffee

11%  750ML



Cascade Apricot 2015

Sour blonde ale  fresh apricots

7.2%    750ML



Old Stock 2014

Old ale aged in whiskey barrels

14.5%  16oz


Everyday Beer Drinkers Bottle List

Prairie Phantasmagoria

Double IPA

8%  12oz



Chocolate Sombrero

Imperial Stout w/ Spices

9%    12oz


Bikini Beer

Session IPA

2.7%    12oz



Molotov Lite

Double IPA

8.5%    16oz


Tap Beers

Citra Sunshine Slacker

Session IPA

4.5%  16oz



Mango Kolsch

American Kolsch w/ mango

5.5%    12oz




Ale brewed with lemon and ginger

4.5%      16oz


Backwoods Bastard 2015

Bourbon barrel aged

Wee Heavy

11.5%  13oz



420 Haze Craze

Juicy New England IPA

6.7%  16oz




Sour Stout

8.5%  13oz


Bourbon Maple Pecan

Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Nut Brown w/ pecans and maple syrup

8.5%  13oz


 Our Spirits

All of our spirits are hand bottled and hand labeled one bottle at a time. If you would like to stock your bar at home we offer all of our spirits for retail. Please  remember :



Fox Hole Hooch

This is a Bourbon mash made up of corn, wheat and barley. We use open top fermentation to allow wild, local yeast and bacteria to sour the mash and give a one of a kind local flavor to our whisky. Hints of corn, oak and green apple make for a great, flavorful, white whisky.



Gladys Gin

This gin is made from our Vodka that is distilled 6 times. Botanicals are added to the gin basket on the 7th distillation. The 7 botanicals we use, highlight bitter juniper and sweet citrus flavors.



Entropy Vodka

Our vodka is 100% corn, Gluten free and kosher. It is distilled 6 times to create a high quality spirit.



Blackstrap Rum

This Rum is made from Caribbean molasses, brown sugar, pure cane sugar and fermented with a cider yeast at high temps to bring fruity esters to the table. A rich nose of molasses, banana, and green apple make for a smooth, white Rum.



Blackstrap Spiced Rum

After our distillation run on our Blackstrap White Rum is done we add spices and oak to the rum, then age for over 3 weeks. This rum has a caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon nose, and flavors of molasses, vanilla and licorice.




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